Freshwater Fish, Aquariums & Supplies

Freshwater fish and supplies at Suncoast Pets
African Cichlids, barbs, gouramis, cats, loaches… they’re all part of the world of tropical fish, and we have an excellent selection to provide a burst of color to your tank. If you’re a beginner, tropical fish provide a great way to get your “fins wet” into this hobby.

You can even add some natural beauty to your tank by choosing from our selection of live plants. But, if that’s not to your liking, you can select from a variety of colorful ornaments. Either way, your tank will look fantastic!

Aquarium Equipment, Supplies and Foods

freshwater fish food and supplies | Suncoast Pets | Panama City BeachTo keep your tank and fish healthy, make sure you have the right equipment. Suncoast Pets carries filters, carbon, testing equipment, lighting and of course, tanks and stands. We offer an great selection from popular brands like Whisper, Marineland, Aqueon and more.

And for foods, we feature both dry, live and frozen. Whatever your pet’s appetite, we have something to fill it! Live ghost shrimp, feeder guppies, a freezer full of different foods and two shelves stocked with every variety of dry flakes and pellets from fine vendors like Aqueon and Ocean Nutrition.

Maintain a healthy and beautiful aquarium

We understand that not everyone has enough time to keep their tank clean and healthy. So what do you do? Contact us and we’ll take care of everything. Our professional maintenance team will clean your tank, check your fish for any disease or parasites, inspect equipment and balance your water. In other words, you’re only job will be to sit back and enjoy your tank! Read more about Suncoast Pets Aquarium Maintenance Services >