Cat Supplies and Foods
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Quality Cat Food and Treats at Suncoast PetsCats have been associated with humans for thousands of years. They show their affection for their owners by purring, licking, and cuddling. Show your affection for your furry friend by feeding it quality food and providing it with plenty of stimulating activities.

We stock the top pet foods available: Innova, Evo, California Natural, Merrick, Blue Buffalo, Orijen, Taste of the Wild, Wellness and Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul foods. We offer all natural supplements, treats, and chews for your cat as well as a complete line of supplies and toys.

Cats are picky by nature, so it is important that your cat enjoys the taste of its food. The highest quality cat foods will likely be tastier to your cat than the low-cost foods. With these premium foods, your cat will be just as satisfied with smaller servings, as they are packed with nutrients and calories. This will not only benefit your pet’s digestion and ‘waistline’, but also be nearly as cost-effective as the lower-cost cat foods. If you should have any questions on what would be best for your pet, just ask! The staff at Suncoast Pets and Suncoast Pet Supplies is always happy to explain the benefits of our food line.

Cat Food and What to Look For

What should you look for in quality cat foods? More meat in the list of ingredients and less by-products, grain, and vegetable products. Balance canned food and dry food. Canned food helps cats stay hydrated despite being pricier than dry food. The nutritional data on the food packaging will be your best guide to the quality of the cat food inside.

Cat Flea Control

Keep your cat safe this season with flea and tick control products from Suncoast Pets. We offer a full line of Flea and Tick control that will will bring peace of mind to you, and an itch-free living for your cat. We offer:

  • Frontline Plus
  • Advantage II
  • Capstar
  • Bio Spot