Small animals and other furry pets

Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits | Suncoast Pets | Panama City Beach | Miramar BeachLooking for a fun pet that doesn’t require a lot of care? Look no further than a hamster! These little guys are fun for any family member. And for kids, a great way to set a level of responsibility for caring for a pet. The attention these guys get will provide hours of fun as they climb through a series of tubes and run on its exercise wheel.

Other great ideas include guinea pigs and rabbits. Guinea pigs are affectionate social pets who will sit on your lap and enjoy being petted. They make a wide variety of entertaining sounds, including whistles, purrs, chortles, chuckles, and clucks. Also, their coats range from fuzzy to long, curly hair. Guinea pigs make great lap pets for people of all ages.

Although a little more adventurous and sometimes labeled a “misfit”, Ferrets are quiet, intelligent curious pets who love to explore and make ideal apartment pets. Ferrets are more like dogs or cats than most other small pets, and are best for adults and older children who want to have a lot of interaction with their pet.

Small animal supplies

No matter which small animal you may choose, Suncoast Pets and Suncoast Pet Supplies has supplies and accessories to make your new pet feel right at home. And we’ll even help you get acquainted by offering advice, tips and a shopping list to ensure you have a successful start.

Please note, our inventory of small animals changes weekly. So, if you’re looking for something in particular, you can call to inquire what is available.